Re: [PATCH v1 06/10] DynamicTablesPkg: Add Configuration Manager Object parser

Joey Gouly

Hi again,

Replies inline,

Hi Joey,
Thanks for the review, I answered inline:

On 9/24/21 9:56 AM, Joey Gouly wrote:

This looks good to me!


+/** A parser for EArmObjFixedFeatureFlags.
+STATIC CONST CM_OBJ_PARSER CmArmFixedFeatureFlagsParser[] = {
+ {"Flags", 4, "0x%x", NULL}
+/** A parser for EArmObjItsGroup.
+STATIC CONST CM_OBJ_PARSER CmArmItsGroupNodeParser[] = {
+ {"GTBlockTimerFrameToken", sizeof (CM_OBJECT_TOKEN), "0x%p", NULL},
This should just be Token, not GTBlockTimerFrameToken.

The name of the field is 'GTBlockTimerFrameToken', cf
I am not sure I understand why this should 'Token' instead.
You linked to the `CmArmGTBlockInfo` struct, but I was talking about `CmArmItsGroupNode`:

+ {"ItsIdCount", 4, "0x%x", NULL},
+ {"ItsIdToken", sizeof (CM_OBJECT_TOKEN), "0x%p", NULL}

diff --git a/DynamicTablesPkg/Library/Common/TableHelperLib/ConfigurationManagerObjectParser.h b/DynamicTablesPkg/Library/Common/TableHelperLib/ConfigurationManagerObjectParser.h
new file mode 100644
index 000000000000..e229df7095d9
--- /dev/null
+++ b/DynamicTablesPkg/Library/Common/TableHelperLib/ConfigurationManagerObjectParser.h

+ The CM_OBJ_PARSER structure describes the fields of an CmObject and
+ provides means for the parser to interpret and trace appropriately.
+ ParseAcpi() uses the format string specified by 'Format' for tracing
+ the field data.
+typedef struct CmObjParser CM_OBJ_PARSER;
+struct CmObjParser {
+ /// String describing the Cm Object
+ CONST CHAR8* NameStr;
+ /// The length of the field.
+ UINT32 Length;
+ /// Optional Print() style format string for tracing the data. If not
+ /// used this must be set to NULL.
+ CONST CHAR8* Format;
+ /// Optional pointer to a print formatter function which
+ /// is typically used to trace complex field information.
+ /// If not used this must be set to NULL.
+ /// The Format string is passed to the PrintFormatter function
+ /// but may be ignored by the implementation code.
+ /// Optional pointer to print the fields of another CM_OBJ_PARSER
+ /// structure. This is useful to print sub-structures.
+ /// Count of items in the SubObj.
+ UINTN SubObjItemCount;
The SubObjParser doesn't actually seem to be used by any of the objects? (Unless I misread when reading the list of them..)

The SubObjParser field is effectively not currently used. It will be
used in a later patch,
cf the 'UsageCounterRegister' field of
Ok, makes sense!

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