Re: [PATCH V7 1/1] OvmfPkg: Enable TDX in ResetVector

Brijesh Singh

On 9/24/21 5:11 AM, Yao, Jiewen wrote:
You are right. My statement for page table is wrong. Both TDX and SEV need them.

That is NOT our original design. But I can understand why it is changed today.

I compare and

There are 8 entries in TDX, and 10 entries in SEV.
2 of them are same, page table and TEMP RAM.
6 entries are TDX unique. 8 entries are SEV unique.

In the SEV patches you are seeing more sections because I tried to keep it in sync with the MEMFD [1] so that its much more readable. In TDX patches, Min decided to breakdown things a bit further and in some case skip sections. e.g  in TDX patches the SecPeiTempRamBase is broken into stack and heap section.



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