Re: [PATCH v6 02/29] OvmfPkg: reserve CPUID page for SEV-SNP

Gerd Hoffmann


Is this snp-specific? Or could this also be used without snp?
This is SNP specific format and cannot be used without SNP.
I should clarify the statement, the format itself does not contain
anything  SNP specific. However, the CPUID page format is documented in
the SNP specific spec.
Who populates the page? qemu? sev-snp firmware?

Are you thinking about using it for non SEV guest
to avoid the VM exit ? If so, it should be very much possible.
Yes, that is the background. Avoiding vmexits would be one advantage.
Being able to test the code without SNP-capable hardware (for example
in CI) would be another one.

For that
we should define the format outside of SNP specific spec and make it a
generic so that guest and HV's can implement it consume it in the
non-SNP guest. 
I think that would be useful.

take care,

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