Re: [edk2-libc Patch 1/1] AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-3.6.8: Py 3.6.8 UEFI changes

Michael D Kinney

Hi Rebecca,

Responses below.

Some of the items you are observing are due to following the exact
same pattern as the Python 2.x ports. There are many things that can
get cleaned up in the Python 3.x ports. I would prefer to see this
initial functional version go in and add new BZs for additional cleanups.



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On 9/2/21 11:12 AM, Michael D Kinney wrote:

AppPkg/AppPkg.dsc | 3 +
.../Python/Python-3.6.8/Py368ReadMe.txt | 220 +
This looks like it's formatted using Markdown, so should it be
It looks like there are elements that do not follow MarkDown and the formatting
looks bad when using a MarkDown viewer. I would recommend leaving it as .txt for
now. We can enter a new issue to convert to MD.

create mode 100644 AppPkg/Applications/Python/Python-3.6.8/create_python368_pkg.bat
The xcopy commands should probably have error checking after them.
There are several limitations to the BAT file. It is just being reused from the
Python 2.x ports. I think it would be better to port this to a Python script and
add all error checking in that version. We can enter a new issues for this Python


Rebecca Cran

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