Re: [PATCH 0/3] Add support for gdb and lldb

Rebecca Cran <rebecca@...>

On 8/12/21 4:56 PM, Andrew Fish wrote:

Can you try again? I think I fixed this? The `efi symbols` command is saving user context, so it can restore the context. If there is not a valid target it can fail.
On X64 running OVMF 'source' lists lots of DLLs and finished with the backtrace.

On AARCH64 running SBSA-REF, I get similar output except where the backtrace at the end of 'source' output should be I get the following output:

AArch64`/home/bcran/src/upstream/uefi/Build/SbsaQemu/DEBUG_GCC5/AARCH64/MdeModulePkg/Bus/Usb/UsbKbDxe/UsbKbDxe/DEBUG/UsbKbDxe.dll load = 0x101fb87d000
AArch64`/home/bcran/src/upstream/uefi/Build/SbsaQemu/DEBUG_GCC5/AARCH64/MdeModulePkg/Bus/Usb/UsbMassStorageDxe/UsbMassStorageDxe/DEBUG/UsbMassStorageDxe.dll load = 0x101fb874000
AArch64`/home/bcran/src/upstream/uefi/Build/SbsaQemu/DEBUG_GCC5/AARCH64/MdeModulePkg/Application/UiApp/UiApp/DEBUG/UiApp.dll load = 0x101f851a000   is already loaded
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 828, in invoke
  File "", line 711, in restore_user_state
gdb.error: Frame is invalid.

However, I can run 'bt' and get what looks like a good stack trace.

With the latest code on your private branch, I still see non-ASCII characters that look out of place. e.g. In line 627, "Attributes" is underlined with a mixture of hyphen types.

Rebecca Cran

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