Re: Is there any use case of FirmwarePerformanceStandaloneMm.inf now?

Kun Qin

Hi Dandan,

Thanks for letting me know. I added Bret and Sean to the thread for broader view in our scope.

But currently our StandaloneMm Core does not report performance data to FirmwarePerformanceStandaloneMm module.

Is the idea to centralize the performance report collection job to SmmCorePerformanceLib and remove the FirmwarePerformance**Mm driver? Is there any plan to support a Standalone instance once the traditional MM version is functional?


On 08/05/2021 04:44, Dandan Bi wrote:
Hi Kun,
I plan to make some change for FirmwarePerformanceSmm.inf, may also update the behavior of FirmwarePerformanceStandaloneMm.inf as they are sharing codes now.
And I saw you are the submitter of this driver. Could you help clarify following questions ? Thanks in advance.
1. Do you have the use case to leverage
FirmwarePerformanceStandaloneMm.inf to collect Standalone MM
performance data now?
2. Do you have any Library/module used by StandaloneMmCore to collect
Standalone MM performance data and report the data to
FirmwarePerformanceStandaloneMm like the SmmCorePerformanceLib used
for SMM core?
3. I plan to move some logic from FirmwarePerformanceDataTableSmm to
SmmCorePerformanceLib as below. Do you think is it ok just to remove
them from FirmwarePerformanceStandaloneMm.inf now?
If there is not any module to report Standalone MM performance data to FirmwarePerformanceStandaloneMm.inf, I think it should be OK to remove them from FirmwarePerformanceStandaloneMm now.
SMM performance data collection now:
1. SmmCorePerformanceLib collect all the performance data in SMM and
report the data to FirmwarePerformanceDataTableSmm through status
code. **
2. DxeCorePerformanceLib will communicate with
FirmwarePerformanceDataTableSmm to get the SMM performance data and
allocate performance table to store all the performance data.
Now I want to simplify the process to make DxeCorePerformanceLib communicate with SmmCorePerformanceLib directly to collect SMM performance data, so FirmwarePerformanceDataTableSmm don’t need to get the SMM performance data from SmmCorePerformanceLib and register SMI handler for the communication with DxeCorePerformanceLib.
For FirmwarePerformanceStandaloneMm.inf, just remove this logic if there is no module to prepare MM performance data to it now.

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