Re: [PATCH 1/3] OvmfPkg/ResetVector: move SEV specific code in a separate file

Lendacky, Thomas

On 7/27/21 6:16 AM, Brijesh Singh wrote:

The PageTables64.asm was created to provide routines to set the CR3
register for 64-bit paging. During the SEV support, it grew to include a
lot of the SEV stuff. Before adding more SEV features, let's move all
the SEV-specific routines into a separate file.

No functionality change intended.

Cc: James Bottomley <>
Cc: Min Xu <>
Cc: Jiewen Yao <>
Cc: Tom Lendacky <>
Cc: Jordan Justen <>
Cc: Ard Biesheuvel <>
Cc: Laszlo Ersek <>
Cc: Erdem Aktas <>
Suggested-by: Laszlo Ersek <>
Signed-off-by: Brijesh Singh <>
.../Ia32/{PageTables64.asm => AmdSev.asm} | 140 -------
OvmfPkg/ResetVector/Ia32/PageTables64.asm | 391 ------------------
OvmfPkg/ResetVector/ResetVector.nasmb | 1 +
3 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 531 deletions(-)
copy OvmfPkg/ResetVector/Ia32/{PageTables64.asm => AmdSev.asm} (71%)

diff --git a/OvmfPkg/ResetVector/Ia32/PageTables64.asm b/OvmfPkg/ResetVector/Ia32/AmdSev.asm
similarity index 71%
copy from OvmfPkg/ResetVector/Ia32/PageTables64.asm
copy to OvmfPkg/ResetVector/Ia32/AmdSev.asm
index 5fae8986d9da..b32dd3b5d656 100644
--- a/OvmfPkg/ResetVector/Ia32/PageTables64.asm
+++ b/OvmfPkg/ResetVector/Ia32/AmdSev.asm
@@ -10,33 +10,6 @@
My only comment is the AmdSev.asm file header should be updated. The file
function needs to be changed and there should only be a single copyright
statement for AMD from 2017 to now 2021.


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