Re: [PATCH V3 06/10] OvmfPkg: Add AmdSev.asm in ResetVector

Brijesh Singh

On 7/27/21 6:51 AM, Xu, Min M wrote:
On July 27, 2021 6:57 PM, Brijesh Singh wrote:
Hi Min,

This refactoring is already done by the SNP patch series.;

It appears that you are also pulling in some of TDX logic inside the
AMDSev.asm such as

+ ;
+ ; If it is Tdx guest, jump to exit point directly.
+ ; This is because following code may access the memory region which has
+ ; not been accepted. It is not allowed in Tdx guests.
+ ;
+ mov eax, dword[TDX_WORK_AREA]
+ cmp eax, 0x47584454 ; 'TDXG'
+ jz GoodCompare

Why we are referring the TDX workarea inside the AmdSev.asm ?
See my explanation in the above comments. In Tdx guests memory region cannot
be accessed unless it is accepted by guest or initialized by the host VMM. In
PostJump64BitAndLandHereSev there is access to dword[SEV_ES_WORK_AREA_RDRAND]
which is not initialized by host VMM. If this code will not be executed in
Tdx guest, then the above check is not needed. I need your help to confirm it.

There are similar Tdx check in my patch of AmdSev.asm. For example in CheckSevFeatures
byte[SEV_ES_WORK_AREA] is used to record the SEV-ES flag. This memory region is
not initialized by host VMM either. So in Tdx it will trigger error.

Another solution is that the memory region used by SEV in ResetVector are added
Into Tdx metadata so that host VMM will initialize those memory region when
It creates the Td guest. What's your opinion?
I am not full versed on TDX yet and sorry I am not able to follow you
question completely to provide any advice. With SEV and SEV-ES, a guest
can access the memory without going through the validation process, but
with the SEV-SNP, the page need to be validated (aka accepted) before
the access. In SNP series, we ensure that the data pages used in the
reset vector are pre-validated during the VM creation time -- this
allows us to access the pages without going through accept process. If I
follow you correctly on your metadata comment then it is similar to
saying is pre-validate these range of pages used in the reset vector
code (that include GHCB page, Page table pages etc), right ? 

For SEV-SNP, see this patch,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,posterid%3A5969970,20,2,20,83891520

A VMM (qemu) looks for the range of page it need to prevalidate before
the boot, the range is provided through the GUID (SevSnpBootBlock).

I will take out my refactoring patch outside of the SNP series and submit it so
that you can build on top of. This will simplify review process.
Thank you very much for the refactoring. I will refine my patch based on it.

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