Re: [PATCH v4 00/11] Measured SEV boot with kernel/initrd/cmdline

Yao, Jiewen

Thank you Dov.
Comment below:

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Subject: Re: [edk2-devel] [PATCH v4 00/11] Measured SEV boot with

Hi Jiewen,

On 25/07/2021 5:43, Yao, Jiewen wrote:
I am reviewing this patch series. I am OK with most parts.
Thank you.

And I do have one question:
May I know what is criteria to put a SEV module to OvmfPkg\AmdSev or
OvmfPkg directly?

My original understanding is:
If a module is required by OvmfPkg{Ia32,Ia32X64,X64}.{dsc,fdf}, then it should
be OvmfPkg.
If a module is only required by OvmfPkg\AmdSev\AmdSevX64.{dsc,fdf}, Then it
should be in OvmfPkg\AmdSev.

Am I right?
I actually don't know the criteria. What you say sounds reasonable.
I'll also let James (who introduced the AmdSevX64 target) say what he
[Jiewen] OK.

If that is indeed the case, then I need to:

1. Modify patch 4: put the code of the null implementation in
[Jiewen] Since this is a library, I expect to be OvmfPkf/Library/BlobVerifierLibNull/

2. Modify patches 5+6: use the new path of the BlobVerifierLibNull inf file

3. Modify patches 10+11: put the code of the SevHashes implementation in

Jiewen, is that what you had in mind?
[Jiewen] Let's comply with the exiting rule.
1) A library in a packet should be in XXXPkg/Library/AAALib in general. (For example, OvmfPkg/Library)
2) If a library in a packet belongs to a feature, then it should be XXXPkg/FeatureYYY/AAALib. (For example, OvmfPkg/Csm/CsmSupportLib)

Two other things to consider:

A. The blob verification by hashes just uses initially-measured memory,
and no other features of SEV. It might be useful for other Confidential
Computing implementations. But maybe if that need arises then we'll
extract it from the AmdSev folder.
[Jiewen] I think so. Because it is generic, that is why I agree that the *library class* name does not include SEV keyword.
The *library instance* should add *Sev* keyword, because the implementation does include SEV specific, such as SEV_HASH_TABLE_GUID, SEV_KERNEL_HASH_GUID.

If you want to make it for generic confidential computing, then more work should be done. For example:
1) The instance name should be BlobVerificationLibTeeLinuxModuleHash. (TEE to replace SEV. We need Linux keyword, because I don’t think it is applicable for Windows)
2) We need consider crypto agile. The current instance only consider SHA256, which is not allowed in TDX.
3) The GUID definition should be in OvmfPkg.dec, as the interface.

Since we don’t have a TEE folder yet, I prefer we defer that work.
Later, when we finish all Sev/Tdx work, we can consider create a common Tee dir or event a package. But that may happen in next year.

B. There were talks about reducing the number of targets, and maybe
unifying AmdSevX64 into OvmfPkgX64. If this is indeed the direction
we're going to, then there's no need to separate the code.
[Jiewen] I think we are following what Laslo suggested.
1) The OvmfPkg includes the *basic* feature at first.
2) The advanced feature is checked into SEV folder or TDX folder, at first.
3) We can revisit those advanced feature once we think they are mature.

We agree that direction, and we should follow that.
Let's keep #1 and #2 at first to finish the feature at first (in this year). Then we can see how to enhance in #3 (maybe next year).
The more we know each other, the better we can create an architecture to support TEE.

Thank you
Yao Jiewen


Thank you
Yao Jiewen

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Hubertus Franke <>; Ard Biesheuvel
<>; Justen, Jordan L <>;
Ashish Kalra <>; Brijesh Singh
Erdem Aktas <>; Yao, Jiewen
Xu, Min M <>; Tom Lendacky
<>; Leif Lindholm <>; Sami
Mujawar <>
Subject: [edk2-devel] [PATCH v4 00/11] Measured SEV boot with


Booting with SEV prevented the loading of kernel, initrd, and kernel
command-line via QEMU fw_cfg interface because they arrive from the VMM
which is untrusted in SEV.

However, in some cases the kernel, initrd, and cmdline are not secret
but should not be modified by the host. In such a case, we want to
verify inside the trusted VM that the kernel, initrd, and cmdline are
indeed the ones expected by the Guest Owner, and only if that is the
case go on and boot them up (removing the need for grub inside OVMF in
that mode).

This patch series reserves an area in MEMFD (previously the last 1KB of
the launch secret page) which will contain the hashes of these three
blobs (kernel, initrd, cmdline), each under its own GUID entry. This
tables of hashes is populated by QEMU before launch, and encrypted as
part of the initial VM memory; this makes sure these hashes are part of
the SEV measurement (which has to be approved by the Guest Owner for
secret injection, for example). Note that populating the hashes table
requires QEMU support [1].

OVMF parses the table of hashes populated by QEMU (patch 10), and as it
reads the fw_cfg blobs from QEMU, it will verify each one against the
expected hash. This is all done inside the trusted VM context. If all
the hashes are correct, boot of the kernel is allowed to continue.

Any attempt by QEMU to modify the kernel, initrd, cmdline (including
dropping one of them), or to modify the OVMF code that verifies those
hashes, will cause the initial SEV measurement to change and therefore
will be detectable by the Guest Owner during launch before secret

Relevant part of OVMF serial log during boot with AmdSevX86 build and
QEMU with -kernel/-initrd/-append:

BlobVerifierLibSevHashesConstructor: Found injected hashes table in secure
Select Item: 0x17
Select Item: 0x8
FetchBlob: loading 7379328 bytes for "kernel"
Select Item: 0x18
Select Item: 0x11
VerifyBlob: Found GUID 4DE79437-ABD2-427F-B835-D5B172D2045B in
VerifyBlob: Hash comparison succeeded for "kernel"
Select Item: 0xB
FetchBlob: loading 12483878 bytes for "initrd"
Select Item: 0x12
VerifyBlob: Found GUID 44BAF731-3A2F-4BD7-9AF1-41E29169781D in table
VerifyBlob: Hash comparison succeeded for "initrd"
Select Item: 0x14
FetchBlob: loading 86 bytes for "cmdline"
Select Item: 0x15
VerifyBlob: Found GUID 97D02DD8-BD20-4C94-AA78-E7714D36AB2A in
VerifyBlob: Hash comparison succeeded for "cmdline"

The patch series is organized as follows:

1: Simple comment fix in adjacent area in the code.
2: Use GenericQemuLoadImageLib to gain one location for fw_cfg blob
3: Allow the (previously blocked) usage of -kernel in AmdSevX64.
4-7: Add BlobVerifierLib with null implementation and use it in the correct
location in QemuKernelLoaderFsDxe.
8-9: Reserve memory for hashes table, declare this area in the reset vector.
10-11: Add the secure implementation BlobVerifierLibSevHashes and use it in
AmdSevX64 builds.


Code is at

v4 changes:
- BlobVerifierSevHashes (patch 10): more comprehensive overflow tests
when parsing the SEV hashes table structure

v3 changes:
- Rename to BlobVerifierLibNull, use decimal INF_VERSION, remove unused
DebugLib reference, fix doxygen comments, add missing IN attribute
- Rename to BlobVerifierLibSevHashes, use decimal INF_VERSION, fix
doxygen comments, add missing IN attribute,
calculate buffer hash only when the guid is found in hashes table
- SecretPei: use ALIGN_VALUE to round the hob size
- Coding style fixes
- Add missing 'Ref:' in patch 1 commit message
- Fix phrasing and typos in commit messages
- Remove Cc: Laszlo from series

v2 changes:
- Use the last 1KB of the existing SEV launch secret page for hashes table
(instead of reserving a whole new MEMFD page).
- Build on top of commit cf203024745f
cmdline from QemuKernelLoaderFs", 2021-06-28) to have a single location
which all of kernel/initrd/cmdline are fetched from QEMU.
- Use static linking of the two BlobVerifierLib implemenatations.
- Reorganize series.


Cc: Ard Biesheuvel <>
Cc: Jordan Justen <>
Cc: Ashish Kalra <>
Cc: Brijesh Singh <>
Cc: Erdem Aktas <>
Cc: James Bottomley <>
Cc: Jiewen Yao <>
Cc: Min Xu <>
Cc: Tom Lendacky <>
Cc: Leif Lindholm <>
Cc: Sami Mujawar <>


Ard: please review patch 6 (ArmVirtPkg). Thanks.

Tom, Brijesh: I'll also send the diff for patch 10. Thanks.


Dov Murik (8):
OvmfPkg/AmdSev: use GenericQemuLoadImageLib in AmdSev builds
OvmfPkg: add library class BlobVerifierLib with null implementation
OvmfPkg: add BlobVerifierLibNull to DSC
ArmVirtPkg: add BlobVerifierLibNull to DSC
OvmfPkg/QemuKernelLoaderFsDxe: call VerifyBlob after fetch from fw_cfg
OvmfPkg/AmdSev/SecretPei: build hob for full page
OvmfPkg: add BlobVerifierLibSevHashes
OvmfPkg/AmdSev: Enforce hash verification of kernel blobs

James Bottomley (3):
OvmfPkg/AmdSev/SecretDxe: fix header comment to generic naming
OvmfPkg: PlatformBootManagerLibGrub: Allow executing kernel via fw_cfg
OvmfPkg/AmdSev: reserve MEMFD space for for firmware config hashes

OvmfPkg/OvmfPkg.dec | 9 +
ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemu.dsc | 5 +-
ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemuKernel.dsc | 5 +-
OvmfPkg/AmdSev/AmdSevX64.dsc | 9 +-
OvmfPkg/OvmfPkgIa32.dsc | 5 +-
OvmfPkg/OvmfPkgIa32X64.dsc | 5 +-
OvmfPkg/OvmfPkgX64.dsc | 5 +-
OvmfPkg/AmdSev/AmdSevX64.fdf | 5 +-
OvmfPkg/Library/BlobVerifierLib/BlobVerifierLibNull.inf | 24
OvmfPkg/Library/BlobVerifierLib/BlobVerifierLibSevHashes.inf |

inf | 2 +
OvmfPkg/ResetVector/ResetVector.inf | 2 +
OvmfPkg/Include/Library/BlobVerifierLib.h | 38 ++++
11 ++
OvmfPkg/AmdSev/SecretDxe/SecretDxe.c | 2 +-
OvmfPkg/AmdSev/SecretPei/SecretPei.c | 3 +-
OvmfPkg/Library/BlobVerifierLib/BlobVerifierNull.c | 33
OvmfPkg/Library/BlobVerifierLib/BlobVerifierSevHashes.c |
5 +
OvmfPkg/Library/{PlatformBootManagerLib =>
PlatformBootManagerLibGrub}/QemuKernel.c | 0
| 9 +
OvmfPkg/ResetVector/Ia16/ResetVectorVtf0.asm | 20
OvmfPkg/ResetVector/ResetVector.nasmb | 2 +
23 files changed, 425 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 OvmfPkg/Library/BlobVerifierLib/BlobVerifierLibNull.inf
create mode 100644
create mode 100644 OvmfPkg/Include/Library/BlobVerifierLib.h
create mode 100644 OvmfPkg/Library/BlobVerifierLib/BlobVerifierNull.c
create mode 100644
copy OvmfPkg/Library/{PlatformBootManagerLib =>
PlatformBootManagerLibGrub}/QemuKernel.c (100%)


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