OpenProtocol() giving me EFI_INVALID_PARAMETER

Ethin Probst

Hey all,

So my UsbAudio.efi app has hit a bit of a roadblock. This code:

status = st->BootServices->OpenProtocol(handles[i],
&gEfiUsbIoProtocolGuid, (void**)&UsbIo, imageHandle, NULL,
if (EFI_ERROR(status)) {
Print(L"%r, skipping\n", status);
Is giving me EFI_INVALID_PARAMETER and I don't know why. I don't think
I'm violating any of its constraints, according to the specification,
and I haven't touched this code since it was written. It also happens
irregularly: sometimes it happens on the USB audio streaming device,
or if I have a device plugged in it might happen on that device, you
get the idea. But it doesn't consistently fail. Does anybody have any
idea what's going on?

Ethin D. Probst

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