Re: Using the TCP->Accept interface.

Maciej Rabeda

Hi Ken,

When calling Tcp4->Configure(), what is your EFI_TCP4_CONFIG_DATA.AccessPoint.ActiveFlag value?
ActiveFlag should be set to FALSE and RemoteAddress set to zero in order to accept connection requests from any address.

You should be able to double check the fields above by calling Tcp4->GetModeData() right before Tcp4->Accept() and analyzing Ip4ConfigData result.


On 12-Jul-21 09:07, Ken Taylor wrote:

Hi all,


I hate to ask this, but has anyone used or tested the standard NetworkPkg TCP driver’s socket Accept functionality?  I’ve been trying to listen for a connection, but I can’t seem to figure out how to configure the TCP interface correctly for this.


I know the local IP address and listening port, but obviously the remote IP address and port won’t be defined until a connection is established.  But if I try to configure one thing without the other, I get all kinds of EFI_INVALID_PARAMETER errors.  And if I don’t specify anything but the listening port, I nothing seems able to connect.




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