Re: [PATCH V2 0/4] Enable Dynamic ACPI for LS1046AFRWY

Sunny Wang

Hi Vikas,

Thanks for working on this.

As our offline discussion with NXP, our goal is to make the Tiano edk2-platform and NXP LSDK opensource in sync. Now the main problem is that some folders' names and locations have been changed to be different from NXP LSDK opensource in previous commits, which causes difficulty in doing synchronization between Tiano edk2-platform and NXP LSDK opensource and also causes LSDK user's confusion. I'm fine with keeping some changes that are needed for cleanup purposes or fixing build issues. However, I think we can still avoid some folder-renaming or folder-moving changes. For avoiding them, could you check my questions/comments below?

1. Why do we need to have ConfigurationManagerPkg.dec? Can we remove this? After removing it, we can rename the ConfigurationManagerPkg folder back to ConfigurationManager to be consistent with other platforms (JunoPkg).
2. Can we move \Platform\NXP\LX2160aRdbPkg\Include\Platform.h to the same location as LSDK (\Platform\NXP\LX2160aRdbPkg\AcpiTables\)?
3. Can we move \Platform\NXP\LS1046aFrwyPkg\Include\Platform.h t h to the same location as LSDK (\Platform\NXP\ LS1046aFrwyPkg\AcpiTables\)?
4. Can we add \Silicon\NXP\LS1046A\Library\SocFixupLib\ for patch 2/4 (adding SocGetSvr() function)? Furthermore, can we just add the whole Silicon\NXP\LS1046A\Library\SocFixupLib\ from NXP LSDK?

Add few more NXP guys.

Hi Leif and Meenakshi,

Can we just push the latest LSDK to the Tiano edk2-platform in one patch set? Then, If there is anything that needs to be cleaned up like the Coding style issue, we can create an issue in Bugzilla for it. What do you guys think?

Best Regards,
Sunny Wang

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Subject: [PATCH V2 0/4] Enable Dynamic ACPI for LS1046AFRWY

This patch series basically aims to extend the Dynamic ACPI
framework towards NXP's LS1046AFRWY platform.

In continuation to

The change set in the series is in below order -

(1)Introducing a new platform specific macro "PLAT_SOC_NAME"
This macro will be consumed by Configuration Manager(CM).
Platforms who extends CM services for themselves must notify
their SoC details to CM using this macro only.
Additionally also update the lx2160ardb platform header with
PLAT_SOC_NAME, this will be consumed by CM.

(2)Introduced a function to get SoC's System Version Register(SVR)
This function will fetch SVR details for LS1046A SoC based platforms.
In current patch series, this function will be used by LS1046aFrwyPkg.

(3)Extending Configuration Manager (CM) and its services to leverage
the Dynamic ACPI support for NXP's LS1046aFrwy platform.

(4)Introduced an OEM specific firmware acpi table generator
Also add Dsdt.asl as a place holder having only platform's clock
related dsdt properties for now and will accommodate other IP specific
dsdt tables(acpi properties) for LS1046AFRWY in future patch series.

Vikas Singh (4):
Platform/NXP: Make SoC version log in ConfigurationManager generic
Silicon/NXP: Add support of SVR handling for LS1046A SoC
NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg: Enable ConfigurationManager on LS1046AFRWY
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg: Add OEM specific DSDT generator

Platform/NXP/ConfigurationManagerPkg/ConfigurationManagerDxe/ConfigurationManager.c | 11 +-
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/Dsdt/Clk.asl | 60 ++++++++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/Dsdt/Dsdt.asl | 15 ++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiDsdtLib.inf | 39 +++++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiDsdtLib/RawDsdtGenerator.c | 138 +++++++++++++++++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiLib.h | 23 +++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/Include/Platform.h | 156 ++++++++++++++++++++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/LS1046aFrwyPkg.dsc | 29 ++++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/LS1046aFrwyPkg.fdf | 13 ++
Platform/NXP/LX2160aRdbPkg/Include/Platform.h | 8 +-
Silicon/NXP/LS1046A/ | 11 ++
Silicon/NXP/LS1046A/Library/SocLib/SocLib.c | 16 ++
Silicon/NXP/LX2160A/ | 3 +-
13 files changed, 508 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/Dsdt/Clk.asl
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/Dsdt/Dsdt.asl
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiDsdtLib.inf
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiDsdtLib/RawDsdtGenerator.c
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiLib.h
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/Include/Platform.h


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