Re: [PATCH v4 1/4] OvmfPkg/MemEncryptHypercallLib: add library to support SEV hypercalls.

Ashish Kalra

Hello Tom,

On Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 05:47:48PM -0500, Tom Lendacky wrote:
On 6/21/21 8:56 AM, Ashish Kalra wrote:
From: Ashish Kalra <>

Add SEV and SEV-ES hypercall abstraction library to support SEV Page
encryption/deceryption status hypercalls for SEV and SEV-ES guests.
Does this have to be a new library? It's just a single function and so I
would think it could live in the BaseMemEncryptSevLib library where the
change to the c-bit is being done anyway.
Actually i like this approach, instead of adding a new library.

Again, IIRC we had discussed this internally and then decided to
create a new hypercall library similar to Xen, with reference to
the email copied below :

Xen has support under Ovmf for a Xen hypercall library
(OvmfPkg/Library/XenHypercallLib). Take a look at that and maybe create
something similar for KVM.


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