[edk2-platforms PATCH 0/4] ACPI MDIO support for Marvell SoCs

Marcin Wojtas


The MDIO ACPI binding has been established and merged to the
Linux tree, hence it is now possible to update the ACPI
description of the platforms that base on the Marvell SoCs.

For convenience, the code is exposed in the public github branch:
There is also MacchiatoBin firmware binary avaialable for testing:

I'm looking forward to the comments or remarks.

Best regards,

Marcin Wojtas (4):
SolidRun/Armada80x0McBin: Add ACPI MDIO description
Marvell/Cn913xDb: Add ACPI MDIO description
Marvell/Armada70x0Db: Add ACPI MDIO description
Marvell/Armada80x0Db: Add ACPI MDIO description

Silicon/Marvell/Armada7k8k/AcpiTables/Armada70x0Db/Dsdt.asl | 24 +++++++++
Silicon/Marvell/Armada7k8k/AcpiTables/Armada80x0Db/Dsdt.asl | 38 ++++++++++++++
Silicon/Marvell/Armada7k8k/AcpiTables/Armada80x0McBin/Dsdt.asl | 53 ++++++++++++++++++++
Silicon/Marvell/OcteonTx/AcpiTables/T91/Cn9131DbA/Ssdt.asl | 1 +
Silicon/Marvell/OcteonTx/AcpiTables/T91/Cn913xDbA/Dsdt.asl | 24 +++++++++
5 files changed, 140 insertions(+)


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