[PATCH V1 0/4] Enable Dynamic ACPI for LS1046AFRWY

Vikas Singh

This patch series basically aims to extend the Dynamic ACPI
framework towards NXP's LS1046AFRWY platform.

Refer- https://edk2.groups.io/g/devel/message/71709

The change set in the series is in below order -

(1)Introducing a new platform specific macro "PLAT_SOC_NAME"
This macro will be consumed by Configuration Manager(CM).
Platforms who extends CM services for themselves must notify
their SoC details to CM using this macro only.
Additionally also update the lx2160ardb platform header with
PLAT_SOC_NAME, this will be consumed by CM.

(2)Introduced a function to get SoC's System Version Register(SVR)
This function will fetch SVR details for LS1046A SoC based platforms.
In current patch series, this function will be used by LS1046aFrwyPkg.

(3)Extending Configuration Manager (CM) and its services to leverage
the Dynamic ACPI support for NXP's LS1046aFrwy platform.

(4)Introduced an OEM specific firmware acpi table generator
Also add Dsdt.asl as a place holder having only platform's clock
related dsdt properties for now and will accommodate other IP specific
dsdt tables(acpi properties) for LS1046AFRWY in future patch series.

Vikas Singh (4):
Platform/NXP: Add generic log in CM to print SoC version
Silicon/NXP: Add support of SVR handling for LS1046FRWY
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg: Extend Dynamic ACPI support
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg: Add OEM specific DSDT generator

Platform/NXP/ConfigurationManagerPkg/ConfigurationManagerDxe/ConfigurationManager.c | 10 +-
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/Dsdt/Clk.asl | 60 ++++++++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/Dsdt/Dsdt.asl | 15 ++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiDsdtLib.inf | 39 +++++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiDsdtLib/RawDsdtGenerator.c | 138 +++++++++++++++++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiLib.h | 23 +++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/Include/Platform.h | 159 ++++++++++++++++++++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/LS1046aFrwyPkg.dsc | 29 ++++
Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/LS1046aFrwyPkg.fdf | 13 ++
Platform/NXP/LX2160aRdbPkg/Include/Platform.h | 5 +-
Silicon/NXP/LS1046A/LS1046A.dsc.inc | 10 ++
Silicon/NXP/LS1046A/Library/SocLib/SocLib.c | 16 ++
12 files changed, 507 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/Dsdt/Clk.asl
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/Dsdt/Dsdt.asl
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiDsdtLib.inf
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiDsdtLib/RawDsdtGenerator.c
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/AcpiTablesInclude/PlatformAcpiLib.h
create mode 100644 Platform/NXP/LS1046aFrwyPkg/Include/Platform.h


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