Re: [PATCH v2 2/3] UefiPayloadPkg: Add PayloadLoaderPeim which can load ELF payload

Marvin Häuser <mhaeuser@...>

On 10.06.21 11:39, Ni, Ray wrote:
Maybe for some context, my main issue at first was that the checks are
all proper runtime checks with no ASSERTs at all, so I got confused how
this situation could happen in a realistic scenario. I needed to trace
the ParseStatus data flow to understand the idea is basically the same
as in the PE library. Code in a way is self-documenting, and this
personally gave me a hard time understanding why it is written this way.
But thanks for clarifying your intention! :)
I assume you are ok with the ParseStatus.
I will send new version based on mail discussion. Thanks!
I don't need to be okay with anything, I'm not a maintainer nor an authority. But I gave my opinion, which is that it is dead code that makes the design/flow harder to understand for a third party, at no obvious benefit.

Thank you for preparing fixes.

Best regards,

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