Re: [edk2-rfc] [edk2-devel] RFC: design review for TDVF in OVMF

Laszlo Ersek

On 06/09/21 02:58, Xu, Min M wrote:
On 06/09/2021 3:33 AM, Laszlo wrote:
On 06/08/21 18:01, James Bottomley wrote:
On your slide 13 Question: "Open: How will the QEMU find the metadata
location?" can't you just use the mechanism for SEV that's already
upstream in both QEMU and OVMF?
I think I made the same comment, in different words. (Point (12) at
So my understanding to this solution is that:
1) GUID-ed structure chain is started from a fixed GPA in ResetVector.
2) Append a TDX-specific GUID-ed structure in the chain
3) Qemu search the GUID-ed chain from the fixed GPA and find the TDX-specific
GUID-ed structure based on TDX-specific GUID.
Is the expected process for QEMU?
This is my understanding, yes; James will know more details though.



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