Re: [edk2-platforms PATCH v2] Platform/RaspberryPi: Enable default Secure Boot variables initialization

Pete Batard

This whole patch series looks fine to me.

I have tested it on Raspberry Pi 4, and I have some changes lined up to ensure that the next Pi 4 firmware we produce, after this series has been integrated, can use the new feature.

For the record, since we are using an automated build system (and the Pi 4 can't exactly be considered as a secure platform anyway), my plan is to discard the PK's private key and include only MS KEK and DBs for the time being.

Basically, it should go something like this:

openssl req -new -x509 -newkey rsa:2048 -subj "/CN=Raspberry Pi Platform Key/" -keyout /dev/null -outform DER -out keys/pk.cer -days 7300 -nodes -sha256
curl -L -o keys/ms_kek.cer
curl -L -o keys/ms_db1.crt
curl -L -o keys/ms_db2.crt
curl -L -o keys/arm64_dbx.bin

and then use the files above for the DEFAULT_FILE vars.

With this, I was able to get the default keys installed using the new Secure Boot menu, and validated that something like the Windows bootloader would load properly, whereas an unsigned bootloader such as the GRUB one wouldn't.

Please find my formal R-b for this patch below:

On 2021.06.01 14:12, Grzegorz Bernacki wrote:
This commit allows to initialize Secure Boot default key
and databases from data embedded in firmware binary.
Signed-off-by: Grzegorz Bernacki <>
Platform/RaspberryPi/RPi4/RPi4.dsc | 5 ++++-
Platform/RaspberryPi/RPi4/RPi4.fdf | 2 ++
2 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
diff --git a/Platform/RaspberryPi/RPi4/RPi4.dsc b/Platform/RaspberryPi/RPi4/RPi4.dsc
index d8c6fdd4bd..1fb4df0b81 100644
--- a/Platform/RaspberryPi/RPi4/RPi4.dsc
+++ b/Platform/RaspberryPi/RPi4/RPi4.dsc
@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@
+ SecureBootVariableLib|SecurityPkg/Library/SecureBootVariableLib/SecureBootVariableLib.inf
# re-use the UserPhysicalPresent() dummy implementation from the ovmf tree
@@ -217,6 +217,7 @@
+ ShellCEntryLib|ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellCEntryLib/UefiShellCEntryLib.inf
@@ -612,6 +613,8 @@
+ SecurityPkg/EnrollFromDefaultKeysApp/EnrollFromDefaultKeysApp.inf
+ SecurityPkg/VariableAuthenticated/SecureBootDefaultKeysDxe/SecureBootDefaultKeysDxe.inf
diff --git a/Platform/RaspberryPi/RPi4/RPi4.fdf b/Platform/RaspberryPi/RPi4/RPi4.fdf
index 1e13909a57..0e43d24c7a 100644
--- a/Platform/RaspberryPi/RPi4/RPi4.fdf
+++ b/Platform/RaspberryPi/RPi4/RPi4.fdf
@@ -189,7 +189,9 @@ READ_LOCK_STATUS = TRUE
INF MdeModulePkg/Universal/FaultTolerantWriteDxe/FaultTolerantWriteDxe.inf
INF MdeModulePkg/Universal/Variable/RuntimeDxe/VariableRuntimeDxe.inf
+!include SecurityPkg/
INF SecurityPkg/VariableAuthenticated/SecureBootConfigDxe/SecureBootConfigDxe.inf
+ INF SecurityPkg/VariableAuthenticated/SecureBootDefaultKeysDxe/SecureBootDefaultKeysDxe.inf
INF MdeModulePkg/Universal/MonotonicCounterRuntimeDxe/MonotonicCounterRuntimeDxe.inf
INF EmbeddedPkg/ResetRuntimeDxe/ResetRuntimeDxe.inf
Reviewed-by: Pete Batard <>
Tested-by: Pete Batard <>

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