Re: [edk2-platforms][PATCH V1 0/3] Platform/Sgi: enable support for UEFI secure boot

Thomas Abraham

On 5/24/21 10:52 PM, Sayanta Pattanayak via wrote:
This patch series adds secure boot support for Arm's reference design
platforms. The first patch refactors the existing StandaloneMM platform
description file and splits into three different files. This is required
to accomodate for changes register base addresses in RD-N2 platform and
the other supported platforms. The second path add support for NOR flash
platform library to be used with StandaloneMM execution context. The
third patch then enables the support for UEFI secure for all the
supported reference design platforms.

This patch series should be applied on top of the patch series

Link to github branch with the patches in this series -

Sayanta Pattanayak (3):
Platform/Sgi: refactor StandaloneMM platform description file
Platform/Sgi: add StandaloneMM usable NorFlashPlatformLib
Platform/Sgi: enable support for UEFI secure boot
For this patch series:
Reviewed-by: Thomas Abraham <thomas.abraham@...>

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