Re: [ PATCH 1/1] Update instructions to work on modern macOS and Xcode versions

Rebecca Cran

On 5/25/21 6:21 AM, Laszlo Ersek wrote:

The idea is to use the wiki of any one of your projects on --
most fittingly, your edk2 fork's wiki.

The URL to clone the "real" wiki repo from is:


And the repo URL of the wiki of your edk2 fork *should be*:

I'm not sure if you first need to enable the wiki function, for your
edk2 fork, on Maybe that's hidden somewhere between the
project (fork) settings. Either way, once your wiki repo exists, just
force-push to it whatever your local clone contains. And, only the
"master" branch matters for rendering, AFAICT.

Ah, got it - thanks.

The updated page is at

Rebecca Cran

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