Re: GSoC 2021: audio output protocol

Andrew Fish

On May 18, 2021, at 9:14 AM, Ethin Probst <> wrote:

Greetings everyone!

I've been selected as a student coder for the audio output protocol
project with Ray Ni and Leif Lindholm as my mentors. This is my first
time doing GSoC and working on EDK II so this will be very enjoyable
and a wonderful learning opportunity for me. (It'll also give me
something to do over the summer, which is always a plus.)

Some of you have already communicated with me in the past, both about
this proposal and about UEFI accessibility in general, and I'm glad to
be working with you guys again. I'm primarily on Linux (Arch Linux to
be exact) and I've already got my development environment set up and
can fully compile OVMF. However, though I've read a bit through the
UEFI driver manual, I certainly haven't read all of it, and I'm still
quite unfamiliar with the EDK II code as a whole. So, how can I use
this community bonding period to get to grips with the development
process? What else do I need to learn?

I apologize for not having many questions to ask -- this is my first
time so I'm not really sure. :-) I can't wait to begin working with
all of you this summer!

Maybe try making a simple Hello World App and figure out how to debug it. Also maybe make a stub driver that produces a protocol and write an app to access the protocol. That way you could practice using the environment for a simple task.

Maybe other folks have other ideas?


Andrew Fish

Ethin D. Probst

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