Re: Build fails with VS2012

Andrew Fish

I’m always happy to resolve any Xcode issues. 


Andrew Fish

On May 11, 2021, at 7:41 AM, Laszlo Ersek <lersek@...> wrote:

On 05/11/21 02:14, Rebecca Cran wrote:
Thanks. The obvious toolchains that are missing from ReadMe.rst are any
versions of XCODE and CLANG.
Also, it might be nice to specify _which_ GCC5 versions are supported,
since that covers gcc 5 through 11 and gcc 5.x currently causes a build
error. We maybe only care about gcc 7 and newer these days?

I just tried building with VS2015 and VS2013, and there was a build
error because it seems the location of rc.exe has changed. After fixing
that they successfully built OVMF. But it sounds like we possibly only
want to make sure that VS2017 and VS2019 are kept working now.

I've cc'd Bret and Sean because I'm wondering if there are plans to add
more toolchain/OS combinations into the GitHub/Azure solution? For
example adding macOS with XCODE5? Also, how about post-commit or nightly
builds that run more extensive tests, possibly generating binaries for
OVMF that people can try without building it themselves? Or would that
be something that might be useful for me to implement as a third-party

Too many good questions!

Personally, I care for gcc-8, and later.


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