Re: [PATCH RFC v2 05/28] MdePkg: Add AsmPvalidate() support

Brijesh Singh

On 5/4/21 3:28 PM, Brijesh Singh wrote:
On 5/4/21 2:55 PM, Brijesh Singh via wrote:
On 5/4/21 2:07 PM, Brijesh Singh via wrote:
Return EFI_UNSUPPORTED (0x8000_0003), or even EFI_NO_MAPPING
(0x8000_0017), for value 6 (FAIL_SIZEMISMATCH).
I am not sure if we really want to do this. You will see later in the
patches that in some cases the PVALIDATE will return a failure and we
will need to know the failure code to determine the next steps.
Especially this particular error code is used later. This error happens
when the page size of the backing pages does not match with the
pvalidated size. In those cases we need to retry the PVALIDATE with
lower page size so that a validation succeed. One such a example is:

- Guest ask hypervisor to add the page as 2M in RMP table.

- Hypervisor added the page as 512 4K pages - because it was not able to
find a large backing pages.

- Guest attempts to pvalidate the page as a 2M. The pvalidate will
return a failure saying its a size mismatch between the requested
pvalidated and RMP table. The recommendation is that guest should try
with a smaller page size.

I would prefer to pass the pvalidate error as-is to caller so that it
can make the correct decision.
I am perfectly fine if the function return UINTN and then use #define
instead of the enum to define the PVALIDATE return code. So that caller
can check the error code. Let me know your thought on #define instead of
the enum.
Apologies, I missed the fact that you said document the mapping between
the PVALIDATE return value and EFI_STATUS. So a caller is responsible to
look at the EFI document to know what the error code means. The
unsupported here does not mean that PVALIDATE is not support on
platform. I am good with it. I will go ahead with it.
While coding it I am coming to realizing that mapping from PVALIDATE
return value to EFI will add more code in assemblym and wanted to make
sure that we all are okay with it. The proposed mapping looks like this:

// No mapping required, both the values are zero


// Pvalidate.nasm need to map from PVALIDATE fail input (1) to


// Pvalidate.nasm need to map from PVALIDATE SIZE_MISMATCH (6) to


May I recommend to use UINTN and simply propagate the PVALIDATE return
value  or use the below mapping to simplify the pvalidate.nasm





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