Re: Issues observed when building the source

Andrew Fish

Looks like it might be a syntax error in one of your FDF files?

GenFds.FdfParser.Warning: expected [FD.] near line 295, column 6: FvFwBinaries


Andrew Fish

On Apr 19, 2021, at 8:46 AM, Ayyanar, GobinathX <gobinathx.ayyanar@...> wrote:

When building the source observing the below error, unable to root cause the issue.
Kindly help to root cause the same.
: error C0DE: Unknown fatal error when processing [c:\source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Intel\AlderLakeBoardPkg\BoardPkg.dsc]
(Please send email to for help, attaching following call stack trace!)
(Python 3.8.6 on win32) Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\build\", line 2635, in Main
  File "C:\Source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\build\", line 2430, in Launch
  File "C:\Source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\build\", line 2238, in _MultiThreadBuildPlatform
    Wa, self.BuildModules = self.PerformAutoGen(BuildTarget,ToolChain)
  File "C:\Source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\build\", line 2087, in PerformAutoGen
    Wa = WorkspaceAutoGen(
  File "C:\Source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\AutoGen\", line 43, in __init__
    self._InitWorker(Workspace, MetaFile, Target, Toolchain, Arch, *args, **kwargs)
  File "C:\Source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\AutoGen\", line 116, in _InitWorker
  File "C:\Source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\AutoGen\", line 212, in ProcessModuleFromPdf
    if self.FdfProfile:
  File "C:\Source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\Common\", line 28, in __get__
    Value = obj.__dict__[self._function.__name__] = self._function(obj)
  File "C:\Source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\AutoGen\", line 188, in FdfProfile
  File "C:\Source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\GenFds\", line 1319, in ParseFile
    while self._GetFd() or self._GetFv() or self._GetFmp() or self._GetCapsule() or self._GetRule() or self._GetOptionRom():
  File "C:\Source\work7\3416029ad2620449\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\GenFds\", line 1431, in _GetFd
    raise Warning.Expected("[FD.]", self.FileName, self.CurrentLineNumber)
GenFds.FdfParser.Warning: expected [FD.] near line 295, column 6: FvFwBinaries
- Failed -
Build end time: 08:39:02, Apr.19 2021
Build total time: 00:00:23

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