[PATCH v1 0/4] DynamicTablesPkg: Add access size parameter for serial ports

Joey Gouly

This series adds the Access Size parameter to the Serial Port in

This has been tested (by Sami) with kvmtool, which virtualises a UART
with 8 bit access size.

Changes available at https://github.com/jgouly/edk2/tree/1586_serial_port_access_size_v1

Joey Gouly (4):
ShellPkg: Rename Address Size to Access size
DynamicTablesPkg: Add access size to CM_ARM_SERIAL_PORT_INFO
DynamicTablesPkg: Set the Access size for the SPCR table
DynamicTablesPkg: Set the Access size for the DBG2 table

.../Include/ArmNameSpaceObjects.h | 3 +++
.../Acpi/Arm/AcpiDbg2LibArm/Dbg2Generator.c | 24 ++++++++++++++++++-
.../Acpi/Arm/AcpiSpcrLibArm/SpcrGenerator.c | 22 ++++++++++++++++-
.../UefiShellAcpiViewCommandLib/AcpiParser.c | 4 ++--
4 files changed, 49 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)


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