Re: [RFC PATCH 01/19] OvmfPkg: Reserve the Secrets and Cpuid page for the SEV-SNP guest

Laszlo Ersek

On 04/07/21 02:21, Xu, Min M wrote:

Intel TDX also has metadata which is consumed by QEMU. We put the metadata
in a single file (TdxMetadata.asm) and put it at the end of ResetVectorVtf0.
Then a pointer is placed in a known location in ResetVector.nasm. In this way
QEMU can easily read the Metadata by the pointer.
; TDX Virtual Firmware injects metadata in VTF0.
; The address of the metadata is injected in this location (0xffffffe8)
DD (OVMF_IMAGE_SIZE_IN_KB * 1024 - (fourGigabytes - TdxMetadataGuid - 16))
; The VTF signature
; VTF-0 means that the VTF (Volume Top File) code does not require
; any fixups.
DB 'V', 'T', 'F', 0

The space in ResetVector is very precious and we all want a known location so that QEMU
can find the metadata easily. Putting the metadata in a single file give the developers
more flexible (They can put anything they want). So I think a pointer (point to a metadata
file) in a known location maybe a better solution.
Assuming a QEMU version has been released that looks for the chain of
GUID-ed structs already, then I think such a change would break
compatibility with that QEMU version.

If we definitely need a separate spot to include more information in the
flash, for QEMU's parsing, then please introduce a new GUIDed structure,
which contains nothing but a pointer to that spot.


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