Re: VirtIO Sound Driver (GSoC 2021)

Marvin Häuser

Good day Ethin and all,

I'd recommend you taking a look at our audio implementation at Acidanthera:
It was tested on at least a few hundred, possibly a few thousand machines to work adequately. This includes preboot accessibility voice assistance in both text UI and GUI. Please note that there was no thorough review and there may be minor reliability or security defects left.

Best regards,

On 29.03.21 22:28, Ethin Probst wrote:
Hello everyone,

This is the first time I've ever contributed to EDK2. As part of GSoC
2021, I have submitted a proposal to implement a UEFI audio output
protocol that will utilize the VirtIO sound driver. I've already
submitted a draft proposal, and apologize if I've done things out of
order. This is my first time doing GSoC 2021, and contributing to EDK2
felt like a really fun thing to do!

I look forward to working with you guys on this and any future projects! :-)

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