Re: uefi building for fu-540

Pullannagari Babu <Pullannagari.babu@...>

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for replying early,

If I build as root permissions, I'm facing the issue attached below.

Babu P

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The `Build` directory is created by the build for the build output. Looks like your problem is you don’t have privilege to add a directory in `/work/git/tianocore` Did you have to use `sudo` to add the directory? Seem like you need to fix the permissions of the tiancore directory.


Andrew Fish 

On Apr 4, 2021, at 8:21 AM, Pullannagari Babu <Pullannagari.babu@...> wrote:

Hello All,

I'm trying to build UEFI for freedom-u540 board, I cloned these sources : edk2, edk2-non-osi , edk2-platforms. in my build directory 

then I'm facing the below issue : 
error 0005: Could not create directory /work/git/tianocore/Build/FreedomU500VC707/DEBUG_GCC5/RISCV64

then i craeted Build/FreedomU500VC707/DEBUG_GCC5/RISCV64 directory manually.
after i facing below issue please can you help out this.

build -a RISCV64 -p Platform/SiFive/U5SeriesPkg/FreedomU500VC707Board/U500.dsc -t GCC5


Babu P


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