Re: [PATCH 1/3] MdeModulePkg/UfsPassThruDxe: Improve Device initialization polling Loop

Laszlo Ersek


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On 02/22/21 18:02, Purna Chandra Rao Bandaru wrote:

Current Ufs Pass thru driver polls for 5us and return success even when
the timeout occurs.
There are cards that can take upto 600ms for Init and hence increased
the time out for fDeviceInit polling loop.

Signed-off-by: Bandaru <>
Cc: Mateusz Albecki <>
Cc: Ray Ni <>
Cc: Hao A Wu <>

Change-Id: I6cb063b43bdf37790db8e60c3919153cd2f3c086
MdeModulePkg/Bus/Ufs/UfsPassThruDxe/UfsPassThru.c | 16 +++++++++++-----
1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/MdeModulePkg/Bus/Ufs/UfsPassThruDxe/UfsPassThru.c b/MdeModulePkg/Bus/Ufs/UfsPassThruDxe/UfsPassThru.c
index 9768c2e6fb..8859578af3 100644
--- a/MdeModulePkg/Bus/Ufs/UfsPassThruDxe/UfsPassThru.c
+++ b/MdeModulePkg/Bus/Ufs/UfsPassThruDxe/UfsPassThru.c
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
/** @file

- Copyright (c) 2014 - 2019, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.<BR>
+ Copyright (c) 2014 - 2021, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.<BR>
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.<BR>
SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause-Patent

@@ -749,7 +749,7 @@ UfsFinishDeviceInitialization (
UINT8 DeviceInitStatus;
- UINT8 Timeout;
+ UINT16 Timeout;

DeviceInitStatus = 0xFF;

@@ -761,17 +761,23 @@ UfsFinishDeviceInitialization (
return Status;

- Timeout = 5;
+ Timeout = 6000; //There are cards that can take upto 600ms.
do {
+ MicroSecondDelay (100); //Give 100 us and then start polling.
Status = UfsReadFlag (Private, UfsFlagDevInit, &DeviceInitStatus);
if (EFI_ERROR (Status)) {
return Status;
- MicroSecondDelay (1);
} while (DeviceInitStatus != 0 && Timeout != 0);

- return EFI_SUCCESS;
+ if (Timeout == 0) {
+ DEBUG ((DEBUG_ERROR, "UfsFinishDeviceInitialization DeviceInitStatus=%x EFI_TIMEOUT \n", DeviceInitStatus));
+ return EFI_TIMEOUT;
+ } else {
+ DEBUG ((DEBUG_INFO, "UfsFinishDeviceInitialization Timeout left=%x EFI_SUCCESS \n", Timeout));
+ return EFI_SUCCESS;
+ }


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