Help needed for ": error C0DE: Tools code failure"

Ma, Pony <>

Hi there,


I’m trying to build ADL code but always run into the failure as below log.

I follow the message to send this mail to you. Can you please point me what’s wrong?



Building ... d:\ext\adlv2017\Intel\ClientOneSiliconPkg\Fsp\FspEndOfPei2\FspEndOfPei2Peim.inf [IA32]


Fd File Name:FSP (D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Build\AlderLakeFspPkg\DEBUG_VS2017\FV\FSP.fd)


Generate Region at Offset 0x0

   Region Size = 0x91000

   Region Name = FV


Generating FSP-S FV


: error C0DE: Tools code failure

        Please send email to for help, attaching following call stack trace!


Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\GenFds\", line 371, in GenFdsApi

    GenFds.GenFd('', FdfParserObj, BuildWorkSpace, ArchList)

  File "D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\GenFds\", line 510, in GenFd


  File "D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\GenFds\", line 131, in GenFd

    RegionObj.AddToBuffer (FdBuffer, self.BaseAddress, self.BlockSizeList, self.ErasePolarity, GenFdsGlobalVariable.ImageBinDict, self.DefineVarDict, Flag=Flag)

  File "D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\GenFds\", line 134, in AddToBuffer

    FvObj.AddToBuffer(FvBuffer, FvBaseAddress, BlockSize, BlockNum, ErasePolarity, Flag=Flag)

  File "D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\GenFds\", line 127, in AddToBuffer

    FileName = FfsFile.GenFfs(MacroDict, FvParentAddr=BaseAddress, IsMakefile=Flag, FvName=self.UiFvName)

  File "D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\GenFds\", line 156, in GenFfs

    sectList, align = section.GenSection(OutputDir, self.NameGuid, SecIndex, self.KeyStringList, None, Dict)

  File "D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\GenFds\", line 67, in GenSection

    ReturnSectList, AlignValue = Sect.GenSection(OutputPath, ModuleName, SecIndex, KeyStringList, FfsInf, Dict, IsMakefile=IsMakefile)

  File "D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\GenFds\", line 70, in GenSection

    GenFdsGlobalVariable.GenerateSection(OutputFile, None, 'EFI_SECTION_USER_INTERFACE', Ui=NameString, IsMakefile=IsMakefile)

  File "D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Edk2\BaseTools\Source\Python\GenFds\", line 466, in GenerateSection


AttributeError: 'array.array' object has no attribute 'fromstring'

: error 7000: Failed to execute command



- Failed -

Build end time: 12:08:06, Feb.05 2021

Build total time: 00:00:31


!!! ERROR:FSP build Failed !!!

D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Intel\ClientOneSiliconPkg\Fsp\BuildFsp.cmd AlderLake AlderLake /d



ACTIVE_PLATFORM = D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Intel/AlderLakeBoardPkg/BoardPkg.dsc

ACTIVE FLASH MAP FDF = D:\Ext\ADLv2017\Intel\AlderLakeBoardPkg\Include\Fdf\FlashMapInclude.fdf




The BIOS Build has failed!







B. regards,



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