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Bob Feng



I have sent the patch V3 that is to move the unit test to tests/Split folder.


Do you have any other concerns about this patch?





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回复: [edk2-devel] [Patch 0/2] Convert Split tool to python


Hi Liming,


1. The test framework can be used for both incremental test and functionality test. We can do more discussion when I send out this framework for review.

2. Yes, I agree to add a sub folder under the test folder. I’ll update the patch.


Is there any other comments before I send the patch V2?





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 Thanks for your planning sharing. For BaseTools test, I still have some questions.


1.     For test framework, is it the incremental test framework or the functionality test framework or both?

2.     For BaseTools\Source\Python\tests\, it creates new directory tests for test case scripts, and use for split tool. So, new tool test script will follow the same style. Besides, split tool is simple. It may not have its special test case. But, Fce/FMMT are too complex. They need the different bios images as their test cases. Then, where are those test cases placed into? I would prefer to place the test script and its test cases into the same directory. So, I would propose to create the subdirectory in tests for each tool test, such as Split for this case. Then, every tool can place its test script and test case into its own directory.




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Good questions. I answer them inline.


On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 08:53 AM, gaoliming wrote:

Have you plan to convert all C tools to Python tools? Or only some ones?

I am still investigating the feasibility of converting the C tools to Python tools. Some C tools are simple but some are complex. I hope all the C tools can be converted to Python tools so that all the tools can be moved to the BaseTools separate repo. I think we can file some BZs to track the progress of the C tools conversion. And I hope there could be more volunteers to be involved in this work.

Here are the discussions about the benefit and process of moving BaseTools out of the edk2 repo for reference.

Can you share your planning for the changes in BaseTools?

Except for this patch, my current work for Basetools are:
1. Re-write the FMMT/FCE with Python and propose to add these 2 tools to the edk2 BaseTools.
2. Prepare to publish the Basetools incremental build regression test cases and test framework.

And, I see you also add unittest for new split tool. Can you introduce the
unittest framework for python tool? If so, new added tool can follow the
same way to add unittest.

The unittest is the python build-in library for the unit test. 
I provide the unit test is to help you to review this patch. From the unit test case, it will be easy to
see if this tool's behavior is as expected. 

I think for the python code development, we can try our best to follow this document. 


<> 代表 Bob Feng
发送时间: 2021113 17:56
主题: [edk2-devel] [Patch 0/2] Convert Split tool to python

There are 2 reasons to convert Split tool from C to Python.

1. We are in the process of moving the Basetools Python code

to a separate repository. But there still are many C tools under

edk2/BaseTools. To make all Basetools be in the separate repo,

we can convert the C tools to Python tools.

2. The original Split tool is very slow. This python tool can reduce

90% time

Bob Feng (2):
BaseTools: Convert Split tool to python
BaseTools: Add unittest for Split tool

BaseTools/Source/C/Split/Split.c | 466 --------------------
BaseTools/BinWrappers/PosixLike/Split | 31 +-
BaseTools/BinWrappers/WindowsLike/Split.bat | 3 +
BaseTools/Source/C/GNUmakefile | 1 -
BaseTools/Source/C/Makefile | 1 -
BaseTools/Source/C/Split/GNUmakefile | 17 -
BaseTools/Source/C/Split/Makefile | 16 -
BaseTools/Source/Python/Split/ | 203 +++++++++
BaseTools/Source/Python/Split/ | 10 +
BaseTools/Source/Python/tests/ | 101 +++++
10 files changed, 325 insertions(+), 524 deletions(-)
delete mode 100644 BaseTools/Source/C/Split/Split.c
create mode 100644 BaseTools/BinWrappers/WindowsLike/Split.bat
delete mode 100644 BaseTools/Source/C/Split/GNUmakefile
delete mode 100644 BaseTools/Source/C/Split/Makefile
create mode 100644 BaseTools/Source/Python/Split/
create mode 100644 BaseTools/Source/Python/Split/
create mode 100644 BaseTools/Source/Python/tests/


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