EDK II CI failing - Do not submit PRs with "push" label set

Michael D Kinney


The repo for the cmocka submodule is not available right now, and this is failing
CI checks that run unit tests. Pre-commit checks that do not have any unit tests
will pass, but the post commit checks that run everything will always fail.

PROGRESS - ## Checking Git repository: UnitTestFrameworkPkg/Library/CmockaLib/cmocka...
ERROR - Failed to fetch UnitTestFrameworkPkg/Library/CmockaLib/cmocka
ERROR - Failed to fetch required repository!
ERROR - Unable to checkout repo due to error

This repo access error to the cmocka has occurred one other time in the past. Bret had
suggested the idea of using a different repo for cmocka, perhaps a fork in GitHub,
to avoid this issue.

We are hoping the issue will be resolved very soon. but until then, please do not
submit any PRs with a “push” label set.

Best regards,


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