Re: [PATCH v1 1/1] ShellPkg: Validate that the Boot CPU is present in MADT

Joey Gouly

+ This function validates that the GICC structure contains an entry for
+ the Boot CPU.
+ @param [in] Ptr Pointer to the start of the field data.
+ @param [in] Context Pointer to context specific information e.g. this
+ could be a pointer to the ACPI table header.
+ValidateBootMpidr (
+ IN UINT8* Ptr,
+ IN VOID* Context
+ )
+#if defined(MDE_CPU_ARM) || defined(MDE_CPU_AARCH64)
Surely all of the struct that should be called mGicCParser is only for
ARM/AARCH64 and could be moved into a source file just included for
those, and this function with it?

With the only filtering on architectures done in ParseAcpiMadt?
I think that could be done if/when another architecture wants to add some
specific support to this file. Otherwise, in my opinion it just adds more
files / layers without any real benefit.

Thanks for the other comments, I have fixed them, and will wait for your reply
to the above comment.


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