[edk2-platform][PATCH 0/3] Generalise UART GSI in SbsaQemu

Tomas Pilar (tpilar)

The serial port global system interrupt is descibed in various
ACPI tables. The library that generates these for the SbsaQemu
platform hardcodes the value for the GSI. This pachset generalises
the process using a PCD defined in the platform DSC file.

This fixes broken keyboard support in a serial console when booting linux
on such a platform with misaligned UART GSI.

Tomas Pilar (4):
Silicon/Qemu: Fix PCD numbering in SbsaQemu
Silicon/Qemu: Add PCD for Serial port GSI
Platform/Qemu: Specify UART GSI in SbsaQemu
Platform/Nuvia: Specify GSI for UART in Comet

Platform/Nuvia/CometPkg/CometPkg.dsc | 3 +++
Platform/Qemu/SbsaQemu/SbsaQemu.dsc | 3 +++
Silicon/Qemu/SbsaQemu/AcpiTables/AcpiTables.inf | 1 +
Silicon/Qemu/SbsaQemu/AcpiTables/Dsdt.asl | 2 +-
Silicon/Qemu/SbsaQemu/AcpiTables/Spcr.aslc | 2 +-
Silicon/Qemu/SbsaQemu/SbsaQemu.dec | 5 ++++-
6 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)


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