Re: [PATCH v4 0/6] Extend Last Attempt Status Usage

Michael Kubacki

I can definitely make those changes.

I haven't heard much from others (Liming, Wei, Zhiguang). If you could please indicate your status on the patch series (use v5) with a reply of either acceptance or suggestions that would be great before I send out v6 with these updates.


On 10/16/2020 8:33 AM, Kinney, Michael D wrote:
Hi Michael,
Thank you for the updates. A couple minor comments:
1) FmpDevicePkg/Library/FmpDeviceLibNull
In order to demonstrate the preferred implementation I think we should
have FmpDeviceCheckImage() call FmpDeviceCheckImageWithStatus() and
FmpDeviceSetImage() call FmpDeviceSetImageWithStatus(). This way, it
will be clear to FmpDeviceLib developers that they only need to
implement the *WithStatus() version.
2) FmpDevicePkg/PrivateInclude/FmpLastAttemptStatus.h
FmpDependencyCheckLib comment block should use /// instead of // to be
consistent with the rest of the include file.

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Subject: Re: [PATCH v4 0/6] Extend Last Attempt Status Usage

Hi all,

It's been about two weeks since this email and I still haven't seen any
feedback on v4.

I made a very small update that resulted in a v5 series today:

If you could please provide timely feedback on v5 it would be appreciated.

Also, there's an issue building FmpDevicePkg at the moment that you'll
need this patch to fix:

That patch needs review as well.


On 10/2/2020 9:26 AM, Michael Kubacki wrote:
It is going on a week now and I haven't seen a response to this patch
series yet. Please review it when possible.

On a somewhat related note, I made the changes that should be necessary
in edk2-platforms for backward compatibility in this patch:


On 9/25/2020 7:19 PM, @michael.kubacki wrote:
From: Michael Kubacki <michael.kubacki@...>


This patch series adds more granularity to Last Attempt Status
codes reported during FMP check image and set image operations
that greatly improve precision of the status codes.

The unsuccessful vendor range (0x1000 - 0x4000) was introduced
in UEFI Specification 2.8. At a high-level, two subranges are
defined within that range in this patch series:
   1. The FMP Reserved range - reserved for components implemented
      in FmpDevicePkg.
   2. The FMP Device Library Reserved range - reserved for
      FmpDeviceLib instance-specific usage.

The ranges are described in a public header file LastAttemptStatus.h
while the specific codes used within FmpDevicePkg implementation
are defined in a private header file FmpLastAttemptStatus.h.

FmpDeviceLib instances should use the range definition from the
public header file to define Last Attempt Status codes local to
their library instance.

Of note, there's multiple approaches to assigning private status
codes in the FMP Reserved range. For example, individual components
could define their last attempt status codes locally with the
range allocated to the component defined in a package-wide private
header file. However, one goal of the granularity being introduced
is to provide straightforward traceability to an error source.

For that reason, it was chosen to define a constant set of codes at
the package level in FmpLastAttemptStatus.h. For example, if a new
FmpDependencyLib instance is added, it would not be able to reassign
status code values in the pre-existing FMP Dependency range; it
would reuse codes for the same error source and be able to add new
codes onto the range for its usage.

V4 changes:
   1. Simplified range value definitions in LastAttemptStatus.h.
      Directly assign the values in the macro definition instead
      of using calculations.
   2. Adjusted range sizes to leave more room for future expansion.

      START     | END       | Usage
      0x1000    | 0x1FFF    | FmpDevicePkg            |
         0x1000 |    0x107F | FmpDxe driver           |
         0x1080 |    0x109F | FMP dependency Libs     |
      0x2000    | 0x3FFF    | FmpDeviceLib instances  |

      START     | END       | Usage
      0x1000    | 0x17FF    | FmpDevicePkg                            |
         0x1000 |    0x107F | FmpDxe driver                           |
         0x1080 |    0x109F | FmpDependencyLib                        |
         0x10A0 |    0x10BF | FmpDependencyCheckLib                   |
         0x10C0 |    0x17FF | Unused. Available for future expansion. |
      0x1800    | 0x1FFF    | FmpDeviceLib instances implementation   |
      0x2000    | 0x3FFF    | Unused. Available for future expansion. |

   3. Broke the single range in v3 for FMP Dependency libraries into
      separate ranges.
   4. Clarified LastAttemptStatus return values in each function
   5. Returned an expected LastAttemptStatus value for some functions
      that previously did not return a value.
   6. Reverted changes in FmpDxe to call the new FmpDeviceLib APIs
      for FmpDeviceCheckImage () and FmpDeviceSetImage (). These will
      be added in a future series after impacted platforms in
      edk2-platforms are updated to use the new APIs.
   7. Instead of directly changing the pre-existing APIs in
      FmpDeviceLib to add a LastAttemptStatus parameter, the new
      functions were added to the library interface:
        * FmpDeviceCheckImageWithStatus ()
        * FmpDeviceSetImageWithStatus ()

V3 changes:
   1. Enhanced range definitions in LastAttemptStatus.h with more
      completeness providing length, min, and max values.
   2. Moved the actual Last Attempt Status code assignments to a
      private header file PrivateInclude/FmpLastAttemptStatus.h.
   3. Changed the value of
      to 0x3FFF instead of 0x4000 even though 0x4000 is defined in
      the UEFI specification. The length is 0x4000 but the max
      allowed value should be 0x3FFF. This change was made now to
      prevent implementation compatibility issues in the future.
   4. Included "DEVICE" in the following macro name to clearly
      associate it with the FmpDeviceLib library class:
   5. Included a map to help the reader better visualize the range
      definitions in LastAttemptStatus.h.
   6. Included additional documentation describing the enum in
      FmpLastAttemptStatus.h. An explicit statement stating that new
      codes should be added onto the end of ranges to preserve the
      values was added.
   7. Simplified error handling logic in FmpDxe for FmpDeviceLib
      calls that return Last Attempt Status.
   8. V2 had a single memory allocation failure code used for
      different memory allocations in CheckFmpDependency () in
      FmpDependencyLib. Each potential allocation failure was
      assigned a unique code.

V2 changes:
   1. Consolidate all previous incremental updates to
      LastAttemptStatus.h into one patch (patch 2)
   2. Move LastAttemptStatus.h from Include to PrivateInclude
   3. Correct patch 1 subject from "FmpDevicePkg" to "MdePkg"

Cc: Liming Gao <gaoliming@...>
Cc: Michael D Kinney <michael.d.kinney@...>
Cc: Guomin Jiang <guomin.jiang@...>
Cc: Wei6 Xu <wei6.xu@...>
Cc: Zhiguang Liu <zhiguang.liu@...>
Signed-off-by: Michael Kubacki <michael.kubacki@...>

Michael Kubacki (6):
   MdePkg/SystemResourceTable.h: Add vendor range values
   FmpDevicePkg: Add Last Attempt Status header files
   FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Add check image path Last Attempt Status
   FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Improve set image path Last Attempt Status
   FmpDevicePkg: Add Last Attempt Status support to dependency libs
   FmpDevicePkg/FmpDeviceLib: Add Last Attempt Status to Check/Set API

| 146 +++++++++++++++++---

|  39 ++++--

|  14 +-

|  93 +++++++++++--

| 132 +++++++++++++++++-

|   7 +-

|   4 +-

|  81 +++++++++++

|   8 +-

|  44 ++++--

| 121 +++++++++++++++-

|  81 +++++++++++

|  13 ++
  13 files changed, 718 insertions(+), 65 deletions(-)
  create mode 100644 FmpDevicePkg/Include/LastAttemptStatus.h
  create mode 100644 FmpDevicePkg/PrivateInclude/FmpLastAttemptStatus.h

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