Re: [PATCH v12 1/1] ShellPkg/DynamicCommand: add HttpDynamicCommand

Laszlo Ersek

On 09/17/20 18:55, Vladimir Olovyannikov wrote:

Laszlo, what is the outcome? Were you able to run these tests locally?
Is there any step-by-step instruction I can follow?
- See my comments at:


You don't need to go through that entire email; the main points are
that I used a separate VM (namely a Fedora 32 Server guest) and in the
VM, a python3 virtual environment, for running CI locally. Plus that I
had to install some packages manually.

- For building ShellPkg, see the Core CI documentation:

- For building the new dynamic command as part of OVMF, first apply your
patches for TianoCore#2857, and then see the Platform CI


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