Re: more development process failure [was: UefiPayloadPkg: Runtime MMCONF]

Guo Dong

Hi Laszlo,

The patchset includes 3 patches, and all of them had been reviewed by package owners.
The patch submitter has a pull request, I rebased the patch to latest master, and merged it by adding reviewed-by found from emails.
I also make sure it passed all the checks before I put "push" button there. then retrigger a new build with "push" button.

I am not sure what is missing. If there is any other requirements, should they be captured during code review or tool check?


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Subject: [edk2-devel] more development process failure [was: UefiPayloadPkg:
Runtime MMCONF]


On 08/18/20 10:24, Marcello Sylvester Bauer wrote:
Support arbitrary platforms with different or even no MMCONF space.
Fixes crash on platforms not exposing 256 buses.

Tested on:
* AMD Stoney Ridge


* MdePkg
- support variable size MMCONF in all PciExpressLibs
- use (UINTX)-1 as return values for invalid Pci addresses
Okay, so we got more of the same development process violations here, as
I've just reported at <>.

See this new pull request:

"No description provided."

You should be embarrassed.


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