[PATCH v12 0/1] ShellPkg/DynamicCommand: add HttpDynamicCommand

Vladimir Olovyannikov

Signed-off-by: Vladimir Olovyannikov <vladimir.olovyannikov@broadcom.com>
Cc: Zhichao Gao <zhichao.gao@intel.com>
Cc: Maciej Rabeda <maciej.rabeda@linux.intel.com>
Cc: Jiaxin Wu <jiaxin.wu@intel.com>
Cc: Siyuan Fu <siyuan.fu@intel.com>
Cc: Ray Ni <ray.ni@intel.com>
Cc: Liming Gao <liming.gao@intel.com>
Cc: Nd <nd@arm.com>
Cc: Laszlo Ersek <lersek@redhat.com>
Cc: Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud <Samer.El-Haj-Mahmoud@arm.com>

This patchset introduces an http client utilizing EDK2 HTTP protocol, to
allow fast image downloading from http/https servers.
HTTP download speed is usually faster than tftp.
The client is based on the same approach as tftp dynamic command, and
uses the same UEFI Shell command line parameters. This makes it easy
integrating http into existing UEFI Shell scripts.
Note that to enable HTTP download, feature Pcd
gEfiNetworkPkgTokenSpaceGuid.PcdAllowHttpConnections must be set to TRUE.

BZ: https://bugzilla.tianocore.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2860

PATCH v12 changes:
Address comments from Laszlo, Zhichao:
- do not use TimeBaseLib library until it is passes MS VS x64 build
(BZ https://bugzilla.tianocore.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2962);
- change the return type of EfiTimeToEpoch() to UINTN;
- drop the final UINT32 case from EfiTimeToEpoch();
- change the type of ElapsedSeconds to UINTN;
- print the number of elapsed seconds with %Lu specifier.

Vladimir Olovyannikov (1):
ShellPkg/DynamicCommand: add HttpDynamicCommand

ShellPkg/ShellPkg.dec | 1 +
ShellPkg/ShellPkg.dsc | 5 +
.../HttpDynamicCommand/HttpApp.inf | 58 +
.../HttpDynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand.inf | 63 +
.../DynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand/Http.h | 90 +
ShellPkg/Include/Guid/ShellLibHiiGuid.h | 5 +
.../DynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand/Http.c | 1843 +++++++++++++++++
.../HttpDynamicCommand/HttpApp.c | 61 +
.../HttpDynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand.c | 137 ++
.../HttpDynamicCommand/Http.uni | 117 ++
10 files changed, 2380 insertions(+)
create mode 100644 ShellPkg/DynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand/HttpApp.inf
create mode 100644 ShellPkg/DynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand.inf
create mode 100644 ShellPkg/DynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand/Http.h
create mode 100644 ShellPkg/DynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand/Http.c
create mode 100644 ShellPkg/DynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand/HttpApp.c
create mode 100644 ShellPkg/DynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand.c
create mode 100644 ShellPkg/DynamicCommand/HttpDynamicCommand/Http.uni


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