Re: [PATCH v10 1/1] ShellPkg/DynamicCommand: add HttpDynamicCommand

Vladimir Olovyannikov

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Subject: Re: [PATCH v10 1/1] ShellPkg/DynamicCommand: add

On 09/04/20 19:55, Vladimir Olovyannikov wrote:

There is also another issue with the TimebaseLib: inconsistency in
return values of the EfiTimeToEpoch (returns UINT32, should return
UINTN, as Zhichao pointed out earlier in the previous
HttpDynamicCommand patchset).
If this one is fixed, I can just use the TimeBaseLib.h header for
Consuming TimeBaseLib.h in this patch would be really nice.
OK, if this can be fixed, I will definitely use TimeBaseLib.h header for
constants, and will drop
duplicate definitions in Http.c/Http.h

There are two EfiTimeToEpoch() call sites in edk2:


The latter stores the return value in a UINTN variable, so that seems OK.
former is a bit messier, but it seems to ensure that the result fits in 32
bits for
HW reasons anyway:

// Because the PL031 is a 32-bit counter counting seconds,
// the maximum time span is just over 136 years.
// Time is stored in Unix Epoch format, so it starts in 1970,
// Therefore it can not exceed the year 2106.
if ((Time->Year < 1970) || (Time->Year >= 2106)) {
EpochSeconds = EfiTimeToEpoch (Time);
MmioWrite32 (mPL031RtcBase + PL031_RTC_LR_LOAD_REGISTER,

So I think we'd need two patches:

(1) add an explicit (UINT32) cast to the EfiTimeToEpoch() call in

(2) change the return value to UINTN in
"EmbeddedPkg/Include/Library/TimeBaseLib.h" and

Hmm wait... There are five more call sites in edk2-platforms. :( OK, I
give up
here. Sorry.
OK, so what are the next steps, what do you suggest?
I saw today that unused macros like SEC_PER_MONTH, etc. were removed from

Thank you,


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