Soft Feature Freeze start date delays to 2020-08-24 for edk2-stable202008


Hi, all

Based on the discussion, we make the conclusion to defer one week for edk2-stable202008 to include the important patch for RiscV. Soft Feature Freeze (SFF) will start from today (2020-08-24). Below is new edk2-stable202008 tag planning proposed schedule If you have any comments, please raise it.


Date (00:00:00 UTC-8) Description

2020-06-03  Beginning of development

2020-08-07  Feature Planning Freeze

2020-08-24  Soft Feature Freeze

2020-08-28  Hard Feature Freeze

2020-09-04  Release


Because SFF date is changed, if the patches passed code review before SFF date (2020-08-24), the patches can still be merged for this stable tag. Here is the patch list those passed code review before new SFF date. For below features, I will let the feature owner decides whether to merge it for this stable tag.


Feature List: [PATCH] EmbeddedPkg/libfdt: Add strncmp macro to use AsciiStrnCmp [PATCH v5 0/3] UefiPayloadPkg: Runtime MMCONF [PATCH v4 0/8] Need add a FSP binary measurement


Bug List: [PATCH 1/1] MdePkg/Include: Add missing definitions of SMBIOS type 42h in SmBios.h [PATCH v2 1/1] UefiCpuPkg/MpInitLib: Always initialize the DoDecrement variable [PATCH] Maintainers.txt: Update Liming mail address [PATCH] .pytool/EccCheck: Disable Ecc error code 10014 for open CI [PATCH v2 1/1] MdePkg : UefiFileHandleLib: fix buffer overrun in FileHandleReadLine()


The remaining patches can continue to review without break in edk2 community. If the patch is sent before Soft Feature Freeze, and plans to catch this stable tag, the patch contributor need reply to his patch and notify edk2 community. If the patch is sent after Soft Feature Freeze, and plans to catch this stable tag, please add edk2-stable202008 key words in the patch title and BZ, so the community know this patch target and give the feedback.




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