Re: [PATCH v2 0/9] Need add a FSP binary measurement

Wang, Jian J

Hi Qi,

Two common comments here. More specific comments will be given separately
in each patch email later.

c1. SecurityPkg/Library/DxeTpmMeasurementLib/EventLogRecord.c and
SecurityPkg/Library/PeiTpmMeasurementLib/EventLogRecord.c are almost
the same. Consider consolidating the code in some way, like a shared lib
or shared folder.
c2. TpmMeasurementGetFvName() or similar is duplicated in at least four places:
DxeTpmMeasurementLib, PeiTpmMeasurementLib, BaseFspMeasurementLib
and Tcg2Pei. Consider consolidate the code.


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Cc: Zhang, Qi1 <qi1.zhang@...>; Yao, Jiewen <jiewen.yao@...>;
Wang, Jian J <>; Wu, Hao A <hao.a.wu@...>; Chiu,
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Subject: [PATCH v2 0/9] Need add a FSP binary measurement


The EDKII BIOS calls FSP API in FSP Wrapper Pkg.
This FSP code need to be measured into TPM.

We need add a generic module in FSP Wrapper Pkg code to measure:
1) FSP-T, FSP-M, FSP-S in API mode.
2) FSP-T in Dispatch-mode. The FSP-M and FSP-S will be reported
as standard FV and they will be measured by TCG-PEI.

Cc: Jiewen Yao <jiewen.yao@...>
Cc: Jian J Wang <>
Cc: Hao A Wu <hao.a.wu@...>
Cc: Chasel Chiu <chasel.chiu@...>
Cc: Nate DeSimone <nathaniel.l.desimone@...>
Cc: Star Zeng <star.zeng@...>
Cc: Qi Zhang <qi1.zhang@...>

Jiewen Yao (8):
MdeModulePkg/TpmMeasurementLib: Add new API to TpmMeasurmentLib.
MdeModulePkg/NullTpmMeasurementLib: Add new API.
SecurityPkg/DxeTpmMeasurementLib: Add new API.
SecurityPkg/PeiTpmMeasurementLib: Add new API.
IntelFsp2WrapperPkg/FspMeasurementLib: Add header file.
IntelFsp2WrapperPkg/FspMeasurementLib: Add BaseFspMeasurementLib.
IntelFsp2WraperPkg/Fsp{m|s}WrapperPeim: Add FspBin measurement.
IntelFsp2Wrapper/dsc: Add FspTpmMeasurementLib and

Qi Zhang (1):
SecurityPkg/Tcg2: handle PRE HASH and LOG ONLY

.../FspmWrapperPeim/FspmWrapperPeim.c | 90 ++++-
.../FspmWrapperPeim/FspmWrapperPeim.inf | 20 +-
.../FspsWrapperPeim/FspsWrapperPeim.c | 85 ++++-
.../FspsWrapperPeim/FspsWrapperPeim.inf | 27 +-
.../Include/Library/FspMeasurementLib.h | 39 ++
IntelFsp2WrapperPkg/IntelFsp2WrapperPkg.dec | 17 +
IntelFsp2WrapperPkg/IntelFsp2WrapperPkg.dsc | 5 +-
.../BaseFspMeasurementLib.inf | 54 +++
.../BaseFspMeasurementLib/FspMeasurementLib.c | 349 ++++++++++++++++++
.../Include/Library/TpmMeasurementLib.h | 48 ++-
.../TpmMeasurementLibNull.c | 61 ++-
.../TpmMeasurementLibNull.inf | 6 +-
SecurityPkg/Include/Ppi/Tcg.h | 5 +
.../DxeTpmMeasurementLib.inf | 6 +-
.../DxeTpmMeasurementLib/EventLogRecord.c | 218 +++++++++++
.../PeiTpmMeasurementLib/EventLogRecord.c | 218 +++++++++++
.../PeiTpmMeasurementLib.inf | 4 +
SecurityPkg/Tcg/Tcg2Pei/Tcg2Pei.c | 12 +-
18 files changed, 1233 insertions(+), 31 deletions(-)
create mode 100644
create mode 100644
create mode 100644
create mode 100644
create mode 100644


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