Re: acpiview error handling patches

Sami Mujawar

Hi Zhichao,

Some patches in this series need reworking.

Example - For '[PATCH v3 1/8] ShellPkg/AcpiView: Extract configuration struct' & '[PATCH v3 2/8] ShellPkg/AcpiView: Declutter error counters'
I feel accessor methods offer a better design and should be retained.

Other patches in the series need a bit of rework to follow coding conventions etc.

This patch series has too many changes to the parsers. I request to put this patch series on hold as we have other patches that need to go in on priority. e.g. loop detection in PPTT table.

Since Tomas is no longer with Arm, someone from Arm will pick up repost the reworked series.


Sami Mujawar

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I am busy at other works recent weeks. I plan to review the patch in next two weeks. Hope it is acceptable for you.


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(change of email)

Hi Zhichao,

I've amended the patches and respun a v3 version. Any chance you could
have a look to see if I've fixed the issues correctly?


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