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TianoCore Community Meeting Minutes

August 6, 2020



UEFI Plugfest:

Virtual sessions via bright talk are being offered during spring.

Trending towards virtual webinars for October plugfest.

Visit UEFI website, events page to learn more.


Stable Tag Updates

edk2-stable202008 tag initial planning is added here -

Soft Feature Freeze on Aug 14; Hard Feature Freeze on Aug 21.


  1. BootGuard TOCTOU vulnerability (CVE-2019-11098)
  2. Ensure NV Variable Confidentiality and Integrity for Platforms Supporting RPMC.
    • Open: Verify with Liming if this feature is still in plan for August stable tag

[Liming] I confirm with the feature owner Wang, Jian. There is no plan to enable it in Q3 stable tag. I will remove it from the planning.




  1. Provide a pcd to disable SHA1 support
  2. ShellPkg: add HttpDynamicCommand


Stewards Meeting download (Mike Kinney)

  1. License usage – few files in the EDK2 repository are not using the default license (BSD 2 clause + patent). Stewards are looking into those files that are not using the default license and working on explicitly calling them out in the readme file so that the downstream consumers are aware of those files and helping them to consume those files appropriately.
  2. Covered community opens on previously discussed topics:
    1. GitHub Pull Request based Code Review Process: Status: Mike plans to update RFC with the feedback. Community action: Community feedback is needed before the service can go live. Mike will send the revised RFC in the next week or two for the vote on these options – 1) Yes, I will use the GitHub pull request, 2) No, I won’t use it, 3) It doesn’t make any difference.
    2. Line ending conversion - Community Request: we don’t have much resources. We have a set of tasks (including setting up of fork of EDK2, converting CRLF to LF etc..) everyone in the downstream can identify issues. We need volunteers to perform the task. Send an email to Mike Kinney <michael.d.kinney@...>
    3. Open: Feedback from the community regarding the Git commit message RFC posted to the rfc mailing list.

·   Action: Felix to converse in the mail list, there is already an ongoing discussion.

    1. Open from Felix: Code base fragmentation.
      • Discussion around adding new features / components and where should it land in the repo.
      • Discussed review process for Bugzilla. Bugzilla has email conversations on code reviews. Owner of the bug needs to summarize. Lack of community engagement in discussing the feature entered in Bugzilla.
      • Action: how to use Bugzilla for TianoCore? Liming to start with a wiki page to train the community.


Status on Community Opens from June:

  • Package movement for RISC-V – Mike Kinney has put up package rules/specs etc.. Action from stewards to provide update within next week. Status: Work in progress.
  • New RFC – base tools as a Python PIP module (update from Mike). Community Action: Reminder, RFC is on the mailing list, please review the RFC. Status: repository has been created (Mike). Expect some communication (in the upcoming weeks) around how to change to set up the developer environment. Community to evaluate the use of base tools.



Community Action: Please send Soumya if you like to acknowledge anyone from the community, if anyone helped you close bugs or reviewed code etc..Soumya will post those acknowledgements on the community page.





Soumya Guptha
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