Using debugger to debug UEFI application?

David F.


I just found the Intel UDK debugger and hopping to use it to debug my UEFI application.  Basically, the function ippsEncodeLZ77DynamicHuff_8u in Intel IPP 7 (tried 7.1 as well) used in my application will hang if secure boot is enabled on most systems (disabled runs fine - someone with vmware workstation 15 sees same thing as physical system - I can't enable vmware secure boot because not running system in UEFI mode) - the source is shared with dos/linux/windows and all those work fine.  I'm not sure why it hangs in that case, exception? stack? nothing I tried to do like force the stack size helped.  

So using this Lenovo laptop sitting next to me, can I use this Intel UDK debugger to connect via USB crossover cable  and debug the application.  I don't want to spend a bunch of time to only find out you can't do that and need special hardware.  If not going to work then I'll have to spend time disassembling the application, injecting things in to the ippsEncodeLZ77DynamicHuff_8u to see what' up (a lot more work).

Anyone feel free to chime in on what you think may be causing a problem when secure boot is enabled?


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