Re: Updating to latest EDK2 and now get NMAKE: fatal error U1073: Don't know how to make.. on some items?

David F.

Let me start by what I did to get the build working with the old BaseTools.   I renamed BaseTools and put back the prior BaseTools from Nov 29 2018 (build.exe date).  It started building out of the gate, then hit not found, so digging around end up comparing old and new for things and brought over new NASM items from new to the old one.  Tried again, same thing, ended up fixing by bringing over the new build_rule.txt.  Now everything is building fine using VS2008 but the old BaseTools.

I can try using VS2017, I though I was staying with VS2008 is VS2017 added more behind the scenes stuff that I have to add replacements for (already have what I need for VS2008).  But I really don't remember. I'll do that when I get a chance once I catch up on things. 

Okay, now on to Guomin message,  Those messages are saying it's not in the .inf, which looking in the .inf, they are not.  Although the headers themselves exist.  I got the edk2-libc repo from GIT.  The edk2 repo I still use svn update to update it.  Using tortoise tools on windows.


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