BuildTools Broken

David F.

Last night through the forums I sent a problem with NMAKE U1073 trying
to build. Some things built fine, but not others. I think my
original message with all the details is still awaiting moderation.
To follow up on that. I simply renamed BaseTools and restored the
other one I had before updating back (which was older one where
build.exe is Nov 29 2018), but now it starts building fine. Only
breaks on some new items like longjump.nasm can't find which
didn't exist back in the version I had. So I'll have to figure that
out, but I guess I'll used the old BaseTools since the new one doesn't
work either because I need to do something or it needs to be fixed.
Building on Win10 but all that is in the other message. Using email
now to see if it goes through faster.

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