Re: Official way to build BaseTools -


I am not sure what the community wants to do with it. It was created for the CI build so it is tailored to the needs of the CI build but I have no problem with updates.

I agree with your feedback and see no reason either of those would be a problem for the CI use case.

Although not convenient for local builds it does currently output full build log to BaseTools/BaseToolsBuild/BASETOOLS_BUILD.txt.


On 5/19/2020 8:23 PM, Rebecca Cran wrote:
I'm wondering if using BaseTools/ will become the official/standard way users are expected to build BaseTools? If so, there are a few problems that I'd like to see fixed, which I'll see if I can find some time to work on.
For example: on Linux, running it without arguments gives "ValueError: Bad VC" - because it defaults to the VS2017 toolchain.
If you break something in BaseTools and so it fails to build, it prints "Exception: Failed to build." with no further details.
I'd like to improve it so it detects being run on a non-Windows platform and tries to use GCC, Clang etc. - and perhaps also to add a '--verbose' argument that can be used to give a more specific error message when it fails.

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