How to add ignore "IgnoreFiles" for CharEncodingCheck

Zhang, Shenglei

Hi Sean,


I am introducing third party project oniguruma as submodule into edk2, and want to skip CharEncodingCheck for certain files in oniguruma.

I tried to add changes like below, but CI build failed.

"CharEncodingCheck": {

"IgnoreFiles": [[(MdeModulePkg/Universal/RegularExpressionDxe/oniguruma/test/testc.c),(MdeModulePkg/Universal/RegularExpressionDxe/oniguruma/windows/testc.c)]



So what should I do in CharEncodingCheck_plug_in.yaml? Or how do you handle this kind of case like openssl?        


I see you add this to edk2 and hope you could resolve my query. Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,



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