Re: [PATCH v1] ShellPkg: Fix 'ping' command Ip4 receive flow.

Maciej Rabeda


I assume that CVE-2019-14559 relates to problems with network drivers within NetworkPkg.
BZ 2032 and this patch fix address incorrect usage of IP4 protocol by ShellPkg 'ping' command (signalling packet recycling after triggering Ip4->Receive() on the same Rx token).

This issue was reported in July 2019 and occurs by executing a specific fuzzing scenario (as described in BZ).
As Laszlo has mentioned, it is not a new bug (introduced in 2011).

Based on the above, I can advise moving this issue out of CVE scope (and from stable-202002).
However, if the CVE should be treated as "overall problems with UEFI FW networking", then 'ping' command seems to be in CVE scope, despite the code residing in ShellPkg.


On 28-Feb-20 12:50, Gao, Liming wrote:
I see you submit the patch. So, you are in the loop. I don't invite you again. 😊
Yes. I also want to get your opinion for this change. Do you think whether this fix is in CVE scope? If no, this change will be merged after this stable tag 202002. Is it OK to you?

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Subject: Re: [edk2-devel] [PATCH v1] ShellPkg: Fix 'ping' command Ip4 receive flow.


Thanks for the detailed response on the patch. Always happy to learn
about stuff from the past.


I am currently the maintainer of NetworkPkg :) If you require additional
feedback from Siyuan or/and Jiaxin, that's ok.
Please let me know if any corrections to the patch (like CVE note) are
required from your point of view.


On 28-Feb-20 03:59, Liming Gao wrote:
Also include NetworkPkg reviewer to collect the feedback for this change.

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Subject: Re: [edk2-devel] [PATCH v1] ShellPkg: Fix 'ping' command Ip4 receive flow.

On 02/27/20 14:14, Laszlo Ersek wrote:
(+Liming and stewards; CC Nick)

On 02/27/20 12:02, Maciej Rabeda wrote:

'ping' command's receive flow utilizes a single Rx token which it
attempts to reuse before recycling the previously received packet.
This causes a situation where under ICMP traffic,
Ping6OnEchoReplyReceived() function will receive an already
recycled packet with EFI_SUCCESS token status and finally
dereference invalid pointers from RxData structure.

Cc: Ray Ni <>
Cc: Zhichao Gao <zhichao.gao@...>
Signed-off-by: Maciej Rabeda <maciej.rabeda@...>
ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellNetwork1CommandsLib/Ping.c | 9 +++++----
1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellNetwork1CommandsLib/Ping.c b/ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellNetwork1CommandsLib/Ping.c
index 23567fa2c1bb..a3fa32515192 100644
--- a/ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellNetwork1CommandsLib/Ping.c
+++ b/ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellNetwork1CommandsLib/Ping.c
@@ -614,6 +614,11 @@ Ping6OnEchoReplyReceived (


+ //
+ // Recycle the packet before reusing RxToken
+ //
+ gBS->SignalEvent (Private->IpChoice == PING_IP_CHOICE_IP6?((EFI_IP6_RECEIVE_DATA*)Private->RxToken.Packet.RxData)-
if (Private->RxCount < Private->SendNum) {
// Continue to receive icmp echo reply packets.
@@ -632,10 +637,6 @@ ON_EXIT:
Private->Status = EFI_SUCCESS;
- //
- // Singal to recycle the each rxdata here, not at the end of process.
- //
- gBS->SignalEvent (Private->IpChoice == PING_IP_CHOICE_IP6?((EFI_IP6_RECEIVE_DATA*)Private->RxToken.Packet.RxData)-

(1) This patch proposes to fix one of the BZs (2032) that fall under
CVE-2019-14559 (joint tracker: 2550).


(1a) Do we want to include this in the upcoming stable tag?

If so, we might want to extend the hard feature freeze by a few days.

(1b) Please append the string " (CVE-2019-14559)" -- note the separating
space! -- to the subject line.

(2) However: I remember from an earlier Bugzilla entry (can't tell
off-hand, which one, sorry) that ShellPkg issues are *never* considered
CVE-worthy, because the shell is not considered a "production element"
of the UEFI boot path.
I misremembered -- there is indeed a comment like that, in the TianoCore
bugzilla, but it does not refer to ShellPkg. It refers to StdLib (which
has since been split off to the edk2-libc project):

StdLib is supposed to be used only by applications in shell, all of
which are meant for debug, diagnosis and/or test purpose, not for
product UEFI BIOS. Any issue in it will not be taken as security
issue but just normal bug.

Sorry about causing confusion. So, the ShellPkg maintainers should
decide what to do about this bug (keep it under the CVE scope vs.
exclude it from the CVE scope; and then, propose it for the stable tag
or merge it afterwards).

One data point: the bug appears to go back to the inception of the Ping
command, in historical commit 68fb05272b45 ("Add Network1 profile.",
2011-03-25). It's not a new bug, it seems.


TianoCore#2032 was originally filed for NetworkPkg, and indeed that
seemed to justify the CVE assignment. However, now that Nick's and
Maciej's analysis shows that NetworkPkg is unaffected (and we know, per
above, that ShellPkg is not CVE-worthy), should we rather *remove* this
BZ from the CVE-2019-14559 umbrella?

Because, in that case, modifying the subject line on the patch is not
necessary; and more importantly, we might not even want to put this into
edk2-stable202002. (It's still a bugfix, but may not be important enough.)


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