Re: [edk2-rfc] [RFC] code-first process for UEFI-forum specifications

Felix Polyudov


The process does not in fact change the UEFI bylaws - the change is that the
development (of both specification and code) happens in the open. The resulting
specification update is then submitted to the appropriate working goup as an
Engineering Change Request (ECR), and voted on. For the UEFI Forum, this is a
change in workflow, not a change in process.
I think it would be good to add more details regarding the interaction between edk2 and UEFI forum.
Here is what I suggest:
Each specification update Bugzilla ticket must have a sponsor. A sponsor is a person or a company that will be presenting change request to the UEFI forum.
A sponsor has to be identified early in the process. Preferably along with Buzilla ticket creation.
It is sponsor's responsibility to officially submit ECR to the UEFI forum by creating a mantis ticket with a Bugzilla link.
There are two reasons to create mantis ticket early in the process:
- Creation of the ticket exposes the effort to the UEFI forum thus enabling early feedback from the members(via Bugzilla), which may reduce number of iterations in the
implement --> get feedback --> re-implement cycle.
- edk2 effort will be taken into consideration while scheduling future specification releases

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